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Welcome To Jupiters Site!!

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About My Site!!

Hello I am Jupiter and this is my site!!. This site uses themes by the amazing Repth!! I suck at coding on my own (for now) so I`m very happy people make themes!!

This site is for various things, such as art, journaling and other stuff!! The appearance of this site is based on aesthetics I enjoy!!

Update Log!!

09/07/2022: Added a png to the bottom of the other pages.

08/07/2022: Added a png to the bottom of the main page.

06/07/2022: Added playlist page.

06/07/2022: The code for Aphrodite`s e-shrine works as it should again, just had to replace all the code.

06/07/2022: The code for the e-shrine dedicated to Aphrodite broke somehow, even though it has the same code as other pages.

05/07/2022: Complete revamp of main page appearence.

04/07/2022: Added e-shrines dedicated to Aphrodite and Nyx.

02/07/2022: Added e-shrine page.

02/07/2022: Added custom cursor!! Tried to add a cursor trail but the script caused issues with text.